Solar energy park

Green energy Solar park

Energy demand has been increasing steadily along with the development of the state. In view of limited conventional energy sources and their limited exploitation and increasing environmental pollution production of energy based on new and renewable energy sources and is being given high priority and promotion. New and greater chances are becoming apparent to participate in the mainstream of energy production. Undoubtedly, now we are moving towards the goal which was envisaged at the time. A step towards green energy of CGS which will solve the problem of electricity. With the new technology of solar, we can fill this gap 24 hours a day.



AOne of the major challenges in development of solar parks is the acquisition of land. The lands acquired for solar parks. It's the best thing for us that this problem doesn't matter to us in Nigeria there is a suitable land for making pak so we are fully capable of working ahead in terms of this project. This project will be able to supply electricity to about 2.3 lac households.


For this solar project, a special type of solar panel is used, whose emission efficiency is much higher than the standard solar panel in today's market, from which we are able to take maximum output and it is also helpful in restoring their energy. CGS always uses innovative innovations in the field of energy which are reliable and high quality, making our life system easier.


In such big projects, we express our biggest gratitude to our investors who take a better step for the life and betterment of human beings. This project is unique in itself and will provide a new resource for Nigeria Energy has a very important place in today's life which serves to facilitate our business and our personal life. And this is also the advantage of this project, it will provide electricity at cheap rate.

We all know that how electricity supply is affecting the life of human beings in today's present era, in view of these things, CGS also took a decision that we will take a step towards green energy source, first in the era of renewable energy. Solar comes in its place which provides completely natural and carbon free energy. Today solar energy is the main source of energy in all the big countries of the world, this project by CGS Nigeria, it was decided by our distinguished people and team that we will distribute energy from it and give a new way to the systems there, this energy is completely Will be available at clean and cheap rates, which will give a completely new direction to the electricity supply and business there. Even today our business mainly depends on the source of energy, due to lack of energy, we have to bear heavy losses in our business. This project of CGS will remove all these obstacles and help the business to reach its new heights. Through this CGS is working to generate up to 40 MW of power to make the existing systems accessible. With this project, along with energy, hundreds of people will get employment and a chance to lead a better life. CGS has always resolved to do the best work for the society. Can not even think of creating new business of energy and new business without money, this step of CGS will give a new path to the people there and help.