Civil construction

Tower Block

Lake Towers is a 10600sqm development designed to be a premier hotel and apartments the site sits on 1.6 hectares of land and is located ten (10) minutes from the central business district on the shores of Lake Towers in Abuja, Nigeria. The 15 storey building will feature contemporary architecture and a lakeside board walk with views over the water. After extensive research and analysis of this deficiency we have come with a first step in the solution. what we have done is to create an efficient, affordable yet luxurious solution that will remain a reference point for prime real estate in Nigeria. our fast civil construction ongoing project.


Architect Design.

The design of the Lake tower has been developed in a very advanced way, here world class engineers have designed this architect with unique basic features. It is a strong and earthquake resistant structure which is an example of modern engineering. This will be the first building of its kind in Abuja. This is an example of the skill of our skilled engineers.

one view.

CGS presents this with an unmatched design, which is a sight to behold. This tower is completely replete with modern arrangements whose design team has designed this building keeping in mind the best arrangements ever. Which is complete with excellent traffic and two helipads, all kinds of comfortable facilities have also been taken care of in this building.

G- Location

This geolocation shows the importance of a good location for a good building. Lake tower is located in a nice environment along with nature which looks very pleasing it helps us to better safe our lifestyle. It is very easy and accessible to reach here from all directions as well as being the closest to the city. This building sets an example in itself.

Commercial offices.

When it comes to commercial buildings and officers, the lake tower itself is found complete with all the arrangements, it has been designed keeping in view all the facilities of the commercial department, which is business friendly, this building sets an example in the corporate world. A good space with all fruit facilities or building gives a corporate look.

Rooftop swimming.

One of the most beautiful part of this building is its swimming pool with with a great experience. Its rooftop swimming pool totally captivates us. A state-of-the-art technology coupled with a soothing experience has been tried to create a unique look at the lake by taking care of all the luxury amenities that make life beautiful.

Luxury flats

All the flights of the Lake tower are designed in such a way to provide the best environment and world class security so that our occupants get the best in life and its furnishing and metallic look gives a new experience. Because family happiness is the most important part of our life. It meets all the dimensions of security with Digital which makes life very easy.


CGS attaches great importance to safety and design in all its projects thanks to our skilled team of engineers who work hard to execute Class 1 projects. We take pride in the excellence of our specialized City Engineers and their experience in providing a superior infrastructure to our clients. We implement innovations in our projects keeping in mind both the likes and dislikes of our customers.


Lake Tower is a project that maintains high class luxury. It has animation of world class facilities like swimming pool AI systems and hi lifting helipad and many more such facilities keeping in mind the luxury with safety. This building gives a new dimension to living. Along with a well-convenient arrangement, care has been taken of all types of enrollments that are useful in life so that it makes your life convenient.


The biggest hallmark of a good building is the attention given to its security Article Every flat in the tower is secure and equipped with digital services coding for the personal life of the customer, its security is unbreakable by CGS's own Airwing System Makes each flat safe by taking full care of the safety of its plants. In today's era, digital has a very important role in our life.